Our history

When construction of the site, I asked to talk about and describe a little 'history of my company, I immediately thought of when as a child, I started with my family to attend and experience the streets of our city.

And so in the summer, just after the school was helping my father to come to market, the beginning of the objects that we sold were largely objects of copper, iron, brass and ceramics but also some old cabinet.

Then growing up, it also increased the desire to improve and so too the quality of the

We decided to leave the weekly markets and to devote the most important exhibitions of antique fairs' in Italy.

Meanwhile, the father decided to devote himself to other children and has left us the opportunity to continue this wonderful work.

And here we are to 01 September 2007, when it comes ANDRIOLLO ART FURNITURE.

With experience, gained over the years now, coupled with the close cooperation with leading Italian and foreign art dealers, the
ANDRIOLLO ART FURNITURE  seeks to achieve very high quality standards and offer customers a wide range of products antiquarian, so the client can live his home, his studio, with all the joy of harmony and charm that can offer an ancient object, trying always to be close to the customer by offering custom design solutions.

Over the years, we were lucky enough to furnish villas, parks, yacht important people in the world of entertainment and sport.

We talked about past, present, now we must think of the future, hoping that even the youngest can be found in 'ancient object, not only the beauty but also the opportunity to portray a certain charm attached to the story, and that there may actually accompany
on a journey that will make us understand the evolution of taste and techniques, enjoying it, all those passages that time has taught us, so that an ancient piece inserted into a modern, capable, by contrast, to heat and to give importance to the whole environment.


Just to the importance, in economic terms, which has an antique, it is important that guaranteed the authenticity of the piece and proposed purchase is for this reason that the protection of our customers, optical transparency, we attach our objects the CERTIFICATE OF GUARANTEE which must seem like the 's identity card of the' object.

I will continue as well, along with my colleagues, to seek in markets around the world, those objects that transmit those emotions that history has taught us so much and that warms our hearts.

I also hope to continue to offer in the markets and the most important exhibitions of the sector, more and more beautiful and interesting objects.

Enrico Andriollo